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My name is Jennifer Farley and I am an Irish illustrator and designer. Laughing Lion Tees is a small, indie brand of T-Shirts and Hoodies I have developed featuring lovingly illustrated characters – mainly animals but also featuring some well known humans like The Queen for instance. I live in the countryside with my husband, Jason and two dogs and we all have a role to play at Laughing Lion Tees.


Jennifer Farley is an illustrator and founder of and Laughing-Lion-Tees. If you would like to hire Jennifer as an illustrator, check out her professional portfolio at Laughing Lion Design.


Jason is chief of food preparation and artistic encouragement. He frequently models Zoo Tees t-shirts


Knuckles is head of Joie de vivre, eating and sleeping.


Otto is chief of security at Laughing Lion Towers. He has been known to run and bark at birds as long as he knows he has no chance of catching them.


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Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you have questions about our designs or are interested in stocking them in your physical store.


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I would be grateful beyond words if you could let people know we exist by sharing on your favourite social media platform, email, or even handwritten letter. I will also offer one free hug to be redeemed if you come to Ireland.